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Online Memory Improvement Course

Research in memory psychology shows that it is possible to improve your memory performance in specific areas by applying memory techniques. We explain a number of systems ranging from simple to sophisticated. The training steps are clearly laid out and in most cases online training software is provided. You do not have to download this software, because it is written entirely in JavaScript, a programming language that is already present on your browser.

Basic mnemonics

These mnemonics can be applied immediately, although it certainly pays off to practice them first. All of these mnemonics are based on elaboration and association, which why we start out with these. Elaboration adds more meaning to a word, while association makes sure that two words are thoroughly linked together in memory.

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Peg mnemonics

In the simplest version of this technique, a peg words is associated with each of the digits 1 to 10. It is then possible to associate the peg word with things-to-remember, for example, a shopping list or a speech. Variants include peg systems for the alphabet and months of the year. Peg mnemonics allow more advanced mental filing than the basic mnemonics. Most of these techniques can be learned in 20 to 30 minutes, although it requires some practice to get the most use out of them.

Advanced mnemonics

This technique requires a greater time investment (at least two hours, plus regular practice afterwards), but the pay-offs are considerable, such as remembering lists of over 100 items.

  • Expanding existing mnemonic systems
  • Advanced mental filing


  • Names and faces
  • To-do lists and shopping lists
  • Speeches and lectures
  • Birthdates and other dates
  • Pin-codes and other numbers

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